Recommended Books

As a Driven Leaf
by Milton Steinberg
Historical fiction about questioning faith, deeply personal, emotional and philosophical.

The Jew in the Lotus

by Roger Kaminetz
An account of the first meeting between a number of Jewish thinkers and the Dhali Lama.

Who Wrote the Bible?
by Richard Friedman
The historical background of our religion’s central text.

The Red Tent
by Anita Diamant
Historical fiction on the life of Dinah, daughter of Isaac.

Jewish Meditation
by Aryeh Kaplan
A great ‘how-to’ book for those who seek a new dimension for growth.

The Sabbath
by Abraham Joshua Heschel
This book will change the way you look at Shabbat.

Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism
by Dennis Prager and Joseph Telushkin
Great basic primer on some of the tough questions in Judaism.

The Lonely Man of Faith
by Rav Joseph Soloveitchik
Why human beings feel alone: a melding of existentialism and Jewish philosophy. It is a short book, but this is not a ‘beach read’.

The Jews in their Land in the Talmudic Age

by Gedaliah Alon
History of the Talmudic period, a compendium of Talmudic history, a personal biography of our most revered rabbis, and a piercing piece of scholarship.

Commentary on the Torah
by Richard Friedman
The most readable commentary I’ve come across